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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 27, 2014 8:00pm-8:11pm JST

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here in japan, it's a sunday night. i'm james tengan in tokyo. welcome to "newsline." israeli military officials have resumed their offensive in the gaza strip. they say hamas militants ignored a 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire requested by the united nations. the two sides earlier agreed to a u.n. brokered 12-hour truce on saturday. israel's military decided to extend that until the end of sunday or 2100 utc. but the palestinian organization hamas resumed firing rockets toward israel.
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a spokesperson for the group says they will not accept another truce unless israel withdraws its troops. more than 1,000 people have been killed in gaza since israel began its current military operations. israeli military officials have issued a statement s will resume aerial, naval ground activity inhe strip. reuters news agency residents as saying heavy shelling when the announcement was made. the united states has temporarily evacuated individuals from tripoli as fighting between rival local militias escalates. u.s. state department spokesperson marie harf issued a statement saying embassy staff members were removed to tunisia. the number of casualties increased between rival militant groups trying to tak the airport in the capital. a group of islamist militants
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attacked the consulate in the eastern libyan city of benghazi in september 2012 killing ambassador chris stevens and three or americans. republicans have blamed the obama administration for allegedly ignoring intelligence that could have prevented the attack. ukraine security officials say their forces are intensifying efforts to retake eastern cities from pro-russian separatists. the rebels have controlled the cities for months and have been blocking international investigators from the site of a passenger plane crash nearby. 298 passengers and crew members died when the malaysia airlines plane was shot down. authorities have taken 227 coffins containing remains to the netherlands. international investigators have been trying to examine the wreckage to determine what happened. the separatists have been obstructing them. a ukrainian national security
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spokesperson said the military is ramping its efforts to take the cities of donetsk and luhansk. he said ukrainian forces seized control of ten towns and he said they're blocking approaches to donetsk to prevent the militants from getting weapons or reinforcements. local media say people could hear shelling in the suburbs of donetsk and sea black smoke rising from the direction of an airport. they say the separatists are putting up a fierce resistance. bereaved families of the victims on board the downed malaysia airlines plane are visiting the crash site. among them were the parents of 25-year-old fatima dyczynski. they travelled from their home in australia. dyczynski worked in the netherlands. she was believed to have been aboard the airliner on h home to australia when t was shot down. >> we thought how we survive
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this? we just dope -- we couldn't believe it. but this -- this whole area, but the first moment i thought, oh, she's alive. >> her parents viewed the plane's wreckage. they placed flowers and offered prayers for their daughter. south korean military officials say north korea launched a short range ballistic missile into the sea of japan on saturday. north korea state run media reports the country's leader kim jong un directed a firing drill at the launch site. south korean military officials say the north fired a scud missile from a location in south hwanghae province on the western coast. >> the country's state run tv reported that kim jong-un also checked on the deployment of
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u.s. forces in south korea. and the north's rocket launch plan. the korean workers party newspaper rodong sinmun carried a photo of kim looking at a map showing a missile's flight path and its range."rodong sinmun cad a photo of kim looking at a map showfl " carried a photo of kim looking at a map lookin missile. the reports appear to be related to the launch on saturday. the launch came the day before the 61st anniversary of the armistice that ended fighting in the korean war. analysts say the missile launch was intended as a warning to the united states and south korea as well as a way to boost national pride. the japanese government has launched a protest with pyongyang over the missile launch. it filed the protest through the north's embassy in beijing. prime minister shinzo abe now visiting mexico said the missile launch is a violation of u.n. security council resolutions. >> translator: we should make north korea realize that it will not be able to achieve economic
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revitalization and nuclear and missile development at the same time. >> abe instructed government officials to gather information about the launch with their counterparts from the united states and south korea. he told them to ensure that aircraft and vessels in the area are safe, and to provide the public with accurate information as soon as possible. investigators in china say a local food processor knowingly sold several tons of expired meat. they say workers at shanghai husi food repackaged and shipped returned meat products after falsifying their production dates. investigators in the shanghai municipal office began looking into the allegations after they appeared in the media. a local tv station claimed the company had been reprocessing and relabeling old meat. the investigators said the company relabeled products it produced in may 2013.
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the products had been returned to the company. employees came up with new labels claiming they were made in january this year. the original expiration date was in february. investigators suspect the company fraudulently extended the expiration date. officials confirm the company falsely relabeled more than 31 tons of meat. it has already sold 21 tons. shanghai authorities have detained a number of people in connection with the scandal. they suspect food safety violations were a company wide practice. several companies have stopped buying from the firm since the allegations came to light. officials are distributing iodine tablets to people living near a nuclear power plant in southwestern japan. the facility is currently off line, but preparations are under way to resume operations. kyushu electric power company operates the sendai plant in kagoshima prefecture. following the accident at the fukushima daiichi plant in 2011,
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regulators imposed stricter safety standards. all nuclear plants in the country are currently off line as they await screening. the sendai plant may be the first to restart. officials are distributing the tablets as a precautionary measure. they plan to distribute them to residents 3-year-old and older within a five-mile radius of the plant. there are nearly 5,000 residents in the area. iodine helps prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive substances which can increase cancer risks. pharmacists explain how iodine can be useful in the case of a nuclear accident. >> translator: it is good to have it in advance, but i hope there won't be an accident which forces me to take it. >> officials are planning to meet with other residents later this year and provide them with iodine tablets. and that was this hour's roundup of news from our studios here in tokyo.
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we end with a look at world weather. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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wherever you are, we hope you have a good day. stay with us. there is more to come here on nhk world. >> hey, hey, check it out. that's the island of sicily, floating in the mediterranean south of italy. that town there is cefalu on sicily's north coast. i'm told cefalu means cape. and that cape has a chunk of rock on it. it looks like the monster on attack. according to legend, there was once a king who got shipwrecked on the mediterranean. he is saved because he saw that mountain. i can believe it. look at the waves.


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